Library Rules and regulation

Library Rules : -

  • Reading room of the library is a place for self study. All should maintain a proper sense of decorum and decency.
  • Bags and personal belongings are not allowed inside the library. Users have to deposit all these at the Property Deposit Counter, before entering into the library.
  • Before entering the library, users have to write their name and allied details in the Gate Register kept at entrance.
  • All users are requested to keep their mobile phones switched off or in silent mode in the library.
  • Library card is compulsory for getting access to the library.
  • Demand slips are available at the circulation desk for their use.
  • Books will be issued on presentation of the library card. Students are requested to check the books while borrowing. Any damage found in the books borrowing should be brought to the notice of the staff on duty, before issued.
  • No books shall be returned on the day of issue.
  • A borrowed book should be returned within due date; otherwise one rupees per day will be collected from the user, as overdue charge.
  • If user loses any borrowed book then he/she has to submit an application on this immediately, addressed to the Librarian. The user has to replace the lost book as per the library regulation.
  • If Library card is lost, a duplicate library card may be issued on the basis of application and the user has to pay Rs.50.00.
  • Renewal of books: In order to avail the facilities of renewal of books, users have to bring the issued books to the circulation counter. If the borrowed books are not in demand, then a user may renew the book for consecutively two times only. The Library has the right to recall a book if the same is required by another user, for an important purpose.
  • Users have to return all borrowed books and/ or library cards during library clearance.


Library timings:-

Monday to Friday: 10 A.M. to 4 P.M.

Saturday: 10 A.M. to 2.00 P.M.

(It remains closed on Sundays & holidays.)

Circulation (Issue / Return) time for students:-

Monday – 1st   year B.A. & (Hons. & Pass).

Tuesday –2ndyear B.A. & (Hons. & Pass).

Wednesday –3rdyear B.A.& (Hons. & Pass).

Thursday –1st year B.A.& (Hons. & Pass).

Friday – 2nd  year B.A.& (Hons. & Pass).

Saturday –3rd year B.A.& (Hons. & Pass).


Borrowing Facilities: -

Sl. No.


No. of Books

Loan Period

overdue charge


Full time Teaching Staff


2 Month

5.00 / day


Part time Teaching Staff


2 Month

  3.00 / day


Non-Teaching Staff



3.00 / day


Honors Students


15 Days

1.00 / day


General/Pass Students


15 Days

1.00 / day