1 .Development of Higher Education in a remote, backward, rural area of the State of West Bengal

2. Providing quality education at affordable cost with the local demographic considerations in mind.

3. Creating ethics regarding promotion of Higher Education in the area.

4. Participation of all stake-holders of the institution through democratic norms.

5. The cultivation of respect for all sub-sections of society beyond religion, caste, gender and economic disparities.

6. Promotion of Indian culture in the institution, particularly as the College is in the name of the rebel poet, KaziNazrul Islam.

7. Development of updated academic infrastructure within the institution, so that the College can be  shining example of the constant progression in this institution, keeping in mind the hindrances faced by the College with regard to location.

8. Integration of traditional idealism and modern day computer-based learning methodologies.

9. To inculcate a sense of awareness among all stake-holders of the institution on social causes through the spread of Higher education.

10. To ultimately make the College as a multi-disciplinary institution by opening new courses considering the needs arising out of globalization, by blending the needs of local culture.



  1. To set up practicable and achievable goals for the betterment of the institution.
  2.  To provide education to the students of the area at a cost within their reach by giving access to maximum number of students regarding stipends and scholarships.
  3. The inculcation of a value system within the institution which shall reflect in the larger spheres of society.
  4. To constantly and actively integrate the institution with the idealisms of the UGC
  5. To encourage students to have access to tools of education so that they become better citizens of this world.
  6. To make the College a platform for the promotion of cultural and sporting activities.
  7. To grasp every bit of available access to modern teaching aids and methodologies so that the College becomes a competitive modern day main-stream College.
  8. To have a set long-term achievable plan for the College.
  9. To actively promote the idealism of the NSS so that every student can think beyond the self.
  10. To set up centers of research within the institution with healthy practices.